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PwC - 2021 Tax Policy Outlook: The Changing Horizon

PwC - Comparison of Candidate Slides

PwC - Biden Business Tax Proposal

PwC - C-Suite Slides on Presidential Election

PwC - State Personal Income Tax Exposure When Working in Non-Domicile State

Harris Beach - NYS Expands Workplace Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

PwC - Private Company ASC 606 Adoption: Transition and Disclosure FAQ's

Harris Beach - NYS Bans Discrimination Based on "Traits" including Hairstyle

Harris Beach - NYS Passes Major Legislation Expanding Definition of Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment

Harris Beach - FMLA Leave Designation May Not Be Declined or Delayed

Harris Beach - Supreme Court to Address Scope of Protections for LGBT Workers Under Title VII

Harris Beach - DOJ Heightens Focus on Corporate Compliance Programs

Robert Half - How To Help Reluctant Leaders Discover Their Full Potential

Harris Beach - Governor's Proposed Budget and New Senate Bill Aim to Ease Standard of Proof in Harassment Cases

Harris Beach - New York Updates Laws to Address Discrimination Based on Gender Identity and Expression

Harris Beach - New York Updates Laws to Address Discrimination Based on Gender Identity and Expression

Harris Beach - SEC Amendments Expand Use of Regulation A To Reporting Companies

Robert Half - Remote Control: How To Make Telecommuting Work For Your Team

Marsh - Hurricane Resource Center

Marsh - Florence and/or Michael?  Managing Multiple Storm Claims

Harris Beach, PLLC - SEC Amendment to Rule 701 May Expand the Use of Equity Compensation by Private Companies

Harris Beach, PLLC - Easing the Burden: SEC Amendments Extend Smaller Reporting Company Status to More Businesses

Harris Beach, PLLC - All Employers in New York State Must Equal or Exceed New Standards for Sexual Harassment Prevention

Harris Beach, PLLC - State Budge Bill Amends Laws on Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace

Robert Half: Onboarding Consultants: 6 Ways to Help Set Up Successful Engagements

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